It is an online e-commerce platform that is designed keeping in mind for users particularly builders, contractors, agencies, factories, manufacturers who are dealing in construction materials, construction machineries, tools, equipment, shuttering materials, scaffolding and at many occasions are under immense pressure for clearing the site within the stipulated time, immediately after the project is over and are required to hand over, clear and vacant site to the society. Builders and contractors are under tremendous pressure of disposing the surplus construction materials, machineries, tools, equipment, shuttering which are in working condition and have no alternative place to shift them and finally are compelled to dispose it at scrap value. This website will assist builders, contractors and agencies to give an opportunity to display items they wish to dispose of at reasonable price or lease out. The interested parties visiting the site can negotiate for a better deal. This site will create a win-win position for both buyer and seller.

    Unused/Surplus construction materials like
  • Reinforced steel, MS steel sections, girders
  • Construction chemicals, paints
  • Tile boxes, marbles, stones, factory lot by manufacturer
  • Electric cables, plumbing pipes, fittings, valves, motors, pump sets
  • Fire-fighting equipment
    Second-hand construction machineries (on sale/ on lease)
  • Concrete mixer, vibrator, surface vibrator, de watering pump, hoist, tower crane, JCB dumper, concrete breaker, generator

    Tools & Equipment (on sale/ on lease)
  • Survey instruments, Theodolite, working station, level
  • Material testing equipment, concrete core cutting machine
  • Concrete flooring vacuum pump
    Shuttering & Scaffolding
  • MS Props, shuttering plates, MS scaffolding, working platform

  • Solar panels, solid waste segregation plant

We at Surplused believe in “WIN - WIN” situation for both the buyers and sellers. Get the best price for your product here.